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Thank you for taking the time to investigate our business concept. In essence, WECANSHADEIT helps businesses make more money, helps property owners enjoy their properties and gives anyone who comes into our shade a better experience in life.

What is a Shade Sail?

Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High-density polyethylene or HDPE is plastic, one of the most used products in our society. From milk jugs to garbage cans, HDPE can be found everywhere you turn. Durable and strong with UV stabilizers, HDPE lasts for a decade or more outside no matter the climate.

Fabric in the sky

Provides adequate shade for a more enjoyable time outdoors. Blocks 89-97% of UV rays from the sun.

Visually Appealing

Shade Sails can be a formal affair but most are known for their visual appeal. With multiple connection points and radius in between, Shade Sails spruce up any property.


Most Shade Sails will only come down for cleaning but there are parts of the world that need them down in the winter. A few turns of a nut on each corner and these amazing structures can come right down and are easily resurrected.


For a quick turnaround and a less expensive option than a permanent building, Shade Sails provide the results necessary to extend the usable timeframe for areas drenched with sun.

Why Investigate the Shade Sail industry?

How big is the Shade Sail Market?

When it’s hot it’s hot, people in Boston versus those in Las Vegas have a different view of what it means to be hot. During summer months in direct sun, any local in any locale will tell you it is hot and we need some SHADE.

Practical Solution

Compared to other options that provide shade; the speed, cost and versatility of the installation of a convertible Shade Sail Structure can’t be matched.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The beginning of any shade sail business will be project based, meaning the revenue is derived from sales and installations. Over time alternative revenue streams of cleaning, winter storage and eventually replacement will take place. These additional avenues keep crews busy and help to flatten out the hills and valleys of a single revenue project based endeavor.

Barriers to Entry

Is this rocket science, certainly not. With that said, a Shade Sail business is not an easy thing to start on your own. One of the main reasons we decided to franchise this concept was due to the perfect balance between the hurdles the Shade Sail business presents and what is involved to clear those hurdles. The number, height and width of hurdles someone would need to overcome to be proficient at sales, design, supply, installation and maintenance can be daunting. The other side of this scale are our abilities to help provide a proven path to ensure those hurdles are cleared.

Why start a WECANSHADEIT business?

Proven Business System.

Successful Locations

Come visit our Locations With Founders that have a long track record of running successful businesses and proven WECANSHADEIT locations make this concept worth investigation.

Low Inventory.

Custom Designs Created at Installation

No big bills here Shade Sails final designs occur during installation and are not something you keep around your office collecting dust.

Monthly Expenses.

Kept to a minimum

Low Recurring Expenses? Most expenses occur after a transaction has taken place. You will not approach the first of the month with a huge mountain to climb just to break even.

3 Stage Training Program.

Get up to Speed

The Training You Need Transferring our knowledge, systems, processes and experience to you as efficiently as possible is the foundation of our training program.

Unique Labor Pool.

Who does the actual work?

Who’s up on that ladder? Come visit us and meet our unique labor pool to discover one more reason the founders of WECANSADEIT pursued growth of this business on a national level. Great help is essential to any business.

Direct Supply.

Supply Chain from Factory

In house supply. As the direct supplier of all shade sails and connection hardware, WECANSHADEIT locations have a solid and trustworthy source for materials to help you get the job done on time.


Who provides Support?

The three headed monster. With three founders directly involved in the day to day activities of the business plus multiple trained and experienced employees, your questions are rapidly addressed.

Keeping Good company.

In Business for yourself – not by yourself

Why get into a franchise?  So many businesses you  touch in your daily life are part of a franchise business system.  WECANSHADEIT is built with over 20 years of franchise experience and you also will build camaraderie with a wonderful peer group of fellow owners.

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